make-up & hair

2016 "Tigermilch", feature film

"Lotzmann und das Große Ganze", TV, feature length

2015 "Die Hochzeit meiner Eltern", TV, feature length

, TV, feature length

2012 "Everything will be fine", short film / test shoot for feature film

2011 "Anleitung zum Ungluecklichsein", feature film

2010 "Chicken with Plums", feature film

, feature film

2009 "Die kommenden Tage", feature film
*personal make-up / hair for Johanna Wokalek

"Die kluge Bauerntochter", TV, feature length

"Wohin mit Vater?", TV, feature length

2008 "Boeseckendorf", TV, feature length

2007 - 2008 "The Reader", feature film

2007 "Beutolomaeus und die Prinzessin", TV, series

"10 Sekunden"
, feature film

"Beutolomaeus und der doppelte Weihnachtsmann", TV, series

2006 "Jagdhunde", feature film

2005 "Vier Minuten", feature film

2004 "Rien ne va plus", b/w photo-film

since 2001 various Short films, trailers, video clips, spots
additional make-up artist e.g. "Vier gegen die Bank", "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2", "The Fifth Estate", "Keinohrhasen", ...

make-up fx

2015 "Sexy Beasts", TV casting-show, season 2
coordination, prep, prosthetic application

"Brimstone", feature film
*for Rogier Samuels, "unreal": hair punching, 2 dummy-heads

NDR extra 3, TV show
prosthetic application likeness make-ups, several shows

2014 "Sexy Beasts", TV casting-show, season 1
coordination, prep, prosthetic application

"Boy 7", feature film
*for "Twilight Creations": hair punching

"Der Polder"
, feature film
*for "Twilight Creations": prosthetic application

2013 "The Voices", feature film
*for "Twilight Creations": hair punching dummy-heads Gemma Arterton

2012 "Zur Sache, Macho!", TV, feature length
*for Barney Nicolic: punching eyebrows

"The Physician", feature film
*for "Twilight Creations": seaming and hair punching dummy

2011 "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters", feature film
*for "Twilight Creations": prep and set "stone circle witches"

"Ploetzlich fett", TV, feature length
*for Dennis Penkov, "Skinart": seaming silicone prosthetics

2008 "Pope Joan", feature film
*for Dennis Penkov, "Skinart": punching eyebrows for dummy-head

2007 "Phantomschmerz", feature film
*for "Twilight Creations": application surgical wound

"Mr. Nobody"
, feature film
*for "Twilight Creations": prep ageing make-up Jared Leto (art finishing)

"Tatort: Das tote Kind", TV, feature length
*for "Twilight Creations": hair line punching for child-dummy

"Fleisch ist mein Gemuese"
, feature film
*for "Twilight Creations": hair punching chest prosthetic Sylvester Groth

2006 "Virus Undead", feature film
*for "Twilight Creations": prep prosthetics main cast (art finishing) and set

Rammstein: "Keine Lust"
, Music Video Clip / Live Performance
*for Dennis Penkov, "Skinart": prep foam rubber pieces and application

2005 "Bloodrayne", feature film
*for Dennis Penkov, "Skinart": prep dummy heads and prosthetics

"Antikoerper", feature film
*for Dennis Penkov, "Skinart": hair punching dummy-arms

since 2011 transferbrows - custom made eyebrows and eyebrow pieces
e.g. for "Babylon Berlin", "Mute", "Vier gegen die Bank", "Tschick",
"The Physician", "The Voices" ,...